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As any tour professional will tell you, the two most important putting skills are the ability to roll the ball and to consistently start putts on the correct line. The Explanar Putting Mat helps you do both.

Your brain calculates distance, speed and feel on the assumption that the golf ball is ‘rolling’ towards the target.

A rolling golf ball travelling at the correct speed will hold its intended line. When the ball decelerates, it is more likely to deviate from that line.

To hole more putts, you must develop the ability to visualise and then consistently start your putts on your intended line. 

Available in 3-metre and 4-metre versions, the Explanar Putting Mat has been designed to help you develop a consistent and repeatable putting stroke, as well as fix the most common and destructive faults. It is made from high quality materials and its True Velour surface runs just like a real green at 10.5 on the Stimpmeter.

Visualise the perfect line every time

Angled sight lines help cure pushed and pulled putts

Distance segments enable you to practise putts of differing lengths – from 2ft to 10ft

Multicoloured lines improve your aim and putter face alignment

The clear, simple markings make it a fantastic training aid for all players. Its eye-catching colours make it very appealing and great fun for the kids. We use it with all our young Academy juniors

Pete Cowen

Tour Coach

I designed the Explanar Putting Mat to teach the skill and art of rolling the ball. If you can roll the ball, a great putting stroke comes for free!

Luther Blacklock

Master Professional

The indoor surface of the Explanar putting mat gives excellent, consistent and repeatable ball roll. The clear and distinct graphics help improve visualisation and focus your aim

Dr Paul Hurrion

Quintic Consultancy

4 Great Lessons Using Your Explanar Putting Mat

All putts are about pace and the absolute key to distance control is the art of rolling the golf ball along your intended line. The Explanar Putting Mat enhances your ability to do this. As you develop your ability to impart a pure roll, a solid putting stroke instinctively follows.In an average round, putts account for between 27 to 40 shots, so it makes sense to work on your putting for at least a third of your practice time. With the Explanar Putting Mat, you can practise indoors whatever the time or weather.

Why hitting the sweet spot is the secret to great putting

Hitting a putt out of the sweet spot is important for a couple of reasons.


The importance of ‘smooth’ acceleration

Smooth acceleration is one of the core fundamentals of great putting.


Tip from the hip to create perfect putting posture

As with the full swing, good posture is crucial in putting.


Control the ball with roll

Your mind and body calculate distance, speed and feel on the assumption that the golf ball is ‘rolling’ towards the target


How to use your Explanar Putting Mat

Your Explanar Putting Mat is crammed with high quality materials, technologies and graphics to help you dial in your aim and alignment and to develop a solid, consistent and technically correct putting stroke. Watch the video here for a comprehensive putting lesson and how you can use your new mat to start holing more putts…just like the world’s top players!

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