Build a more consistent and powerful golf swing… in just five minutes a day!

The Explanar Swing Training System grooves the feeling of a perfect golf swing and enables you to repeat it… every single time.

A swing trainer for everybody.


Crammed with features to improve your swing… fast!

Learn how to hit it longer and straighter in the comfort of your own home

The Explanar Hoop

The Plane Fin

The Power Roller

The Radial Stance Mat

The four fundamentals of a perfect swing.

How the Explanar builds your optimum swing

Develop solid fundamentals

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Improve your shoulder coil

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Control your forearm rotation

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Develop the perfect wrist hinge

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Fix your stroke with the Explanar Putting Mat

learn to roll it, learn to hole it!

The key putting skill is the ability to roll the ball.

Your mind and body calculate distance, speed and feel on the assumption that the golf ball is ‘rolling’ towards the target.

A rolling golf ball travelling at the correct speed will hold its intended line. When the ball decelerates, it is more likely to deviate from that line.

When I first started playing golf, I was told that short putts were all about line, and that long putts were all about pace. I now believe all putts are about pace and the absolute key to “distance control” is the art of rolling the golf ball along your intended line. The Explanar Putting Mat enhances your ability to do this. As you develop your ability to impart a pure roll, a solid putting stroke instinctively follows.

In an average round, putts account for between 27 to 40 shots, so it makes sense to work on your putting for at least 25% of your practice time. With The Explanar Putting Mat, you can practise indoors whatever the time or weather.

Available in 3-metre or 4-metre length options

True flat Velour putting surface with a real-size cut-out hole

High-quality thick rubber base ensures a level lie

Speed of 10.5 Stimpmeter enables you to enhance distance control

Multiple sight lines enhance aim and visual acuity

Distance segments enable you to practise putts of differing lengths

Helps eliminate pushed and pulled putts

Enhances distance control