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Master PGA Professional Luther Blacklock created the Explanar Swing Trainer after realising that, despite his 30 years of working with golfers of all levels, one key ingredient was missing from his coaching skills – the ability to teach feel.

Luther realised that his pupils not only need to understand how to swing the club to hit the shot, they also need to ‘feel’ what it is like to swing on their optimum biomechanical swing plane. If you can achieve this, you will hit much longer, straighter and more consistent golf shots.

Launched in 2001, the Explanar is now used in over 40 countries and can be found at some of the world’s most prestigious golf clubs.

How it Works

The Explanar teaches and trains your muscles to perform the perfect golf swing. It allows you to stop thinking about your swing and enables you to feel it instead. Using The Explanar at home for just 10 minutes a day helps you create muscle memory that is automatically recalled by your subconscious when you play. It’s the equivalent of hitting 150 balls at a driving range. That’s more than 1,000 practice swings a week – all on a perfect plane!

With an adjustable hoop and plane sensor, The Explanar can be set to your individual height and physique, and works with every club in the bag. The patented Power Roller guides your muscles along your optimum swing plane, grooving the sensation of the perfect movement.

Using the trainer for just 10 minutes a day will rapidly improve your shoulder coil, forearm control and wrist hinge – the three key components to creating a solid, consistent and optimum golf swing. The repeated movement also strengthens your arms and back muscles while also increasing balance and flexibility.

About the Inventor

Luther Blacklock is a Master PGA Professional with more than 40 years’ experience of coaching. A frequent contributor to such prestigious magazines as Golf World and Golf Monthly, Luther regularly presents coaching seminars for the Professional Golfers’ Association. He is also the creator of the highly acclaimed “Lost Fundamentals of Hogan” and “Simply Short Game” DVDs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery, Dimensions and Storage

What is the price for delivery outside Europe or the USA? 

Delivery prices are calculated on the location of your delivery address and are clearly displayed on checkout. If your location is not listed at checkout, please send a message on our contact page and we will be pleased to give you a personalized quote. 

What is the price for delivery within the United States?

We ship all over North America from our warehouse in Chicago, IL. All delivery prices are calculated and clearly displayed at the checkout based on your delivery address. On average, the delivery fee for a Home Explanar within the U.S. is $75.  Rates to Alaska & HI will be displayed at checkout.  Shipping to other territories and Countries will be displayed at checkout.

How is The Explanar packaged?

The Explanar is a substantial piece of equipment that is disassembled and securely packed for safe delivery. It requires two people to assemble it.

How much space do I need for The Explanar?

When used in an indoor setting, The Explanar occupies the following space:
Height (8 feet/2.44m); Width (13 feet/4m); Depth (5ft/1.5m).

When stored in its packaging, The Explanar occupies the following space:
Height (7 feet/2.4m); Width (5ft/1.5m); Depth (16 inches/0.6m)

How do you store The Explanar?

The Explanar comes with wheels for easy maneuverability. However, we recommend that this is always done by two people.

Always detach the steel Plane Fin and calibrator strut before folding and take care not to lose the bungee cord that holds the Plane Fin in place when in storage. If the Explanar is wet, wipe it with a cloth to hand dry prior to storage.

Can you store The Explanar outside?

While The Explanar can be used both indoors and outdoors, its steel construction means it is not fully weatherproof. Therefore, it is not suitable for outside storage, especially in coastal areas. Leaving it outside for an extended period of time will accelerate the ageing process.

About the product

What are the key components of The Explanar?

The Explanar is made up of five key components – the adjustable Hoop, the Power Roller, the Plane Fin, the Radial Stance Mat, and the Plane Sensor. The combination of these five elements will develop your golf swing. With only 10 minutes practice on the Explanar each day, you will see a dramatic improvement in your swing, flexibility and fitness.

What does the Hoop do?

The adjustable hoop allows you to position the golf training aid to the angle of your optimum swing plane. Since each golfer’s optimum swing plane is unique, adjustable hoop caters for these physical differences as well as for different length clubs.

What does the Power Roller do?

The Power Roller is heavier than a normal golf club. The additional weight accelerates the muscle memory associated with swinging on your optimum plane. It also enhances fitness and flexibility by strengthening your arm and back muscles as well as increasing your core stability to help you develop a more dynamic and athletic golf swing.

What does the Plane Fin do?

The Plane Fin is unique to The Explanar and is a key differentiator from other swing hoops. Situated on the top of the Explanar Hoop, it acts as an indicator as to whether you are swinging on your optimum biomechanical swing plane. 

What does the Radial Stance Mat do?

The curved markings on the mat allow you to adjust your stance and distance from the adjustable hoop. By adjusting your address position within The Explanar you will be able to vary your swing movement to hit shots of different shape and trajectory.

What does the Plane Sensor do?

The Plane Sensor allows you to set the adjustable hoop to the correct angle of your optimum golf swing plane based on your height and club length. When the hoop is set at the correct angle, the Plane Sensor should intersect with your sternum.

Faults and Fixes

Who is The Explanar suitable for?

The Explanar is suitable for right- and left-handed golfers of all ages and abilities, from beginners to successful Tour Professionals.

Will The Explanar improve my golf swing?

Yes. The Explanar teaches the whole golf swing as well as its individual components.

Many golf training aids focus on individual parts of the golf swing. The Explanar thoroughly simulates the complete swing movement – from full swing drivers to the short game. 

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Will The Explanar fix my swing faults?

Yes. The Explanar can fix all golf swing faults. The swing movement of the Power Roller will immediately diagnose any flaws. By swinging the Power Roller correctly around the hoop, the body is obliged to adhere to a more orthodox or effective swing.

By setting the Explanar at your optimum swing plane, you are encouraged to swing in your unique, most effective, accurate and powerful swing plane.

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Will The Explanar help me hit it further?

Yes. With regular use, The Explanar will increase the length of your drives. Almost all pupils will gain extra distance. 

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Will The Explanar fix poor basics and fundamentals?

Your grip, posture and alignment will automatically improve, since swing and address flaws feel uncomfortable within the optimum swing movement. For example, an incorrect grip will not function economically and you will often intuitively improve your grip.

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Will The Explanar fix my slice?

Yes. The Explanar fixes a slice quickly. By using the Radial Stance Mat and the Plane Fin, you will eradicate a slice by swinging the Power Roller onto the fin at the end of the follow through. Your swing path and club face control will improve immediately and a neutral draw shot will start to replace your slice.

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Will The Explanar fix my hook?

Yes. The Explanar fixes a hook quickly. A hook is less common than a slice but is often more destructive! By using the Radial Stance Mat to alter your swing path, and by ensuring that the Power Roller is held off across the Plane Fin in the follow-through, the hook will transform into a neutral draw or controlled fade shot.

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Will The Explanar stop me topping the ball?

Yes. The Explanar will stop you topping the ball and help deliver a high, soft landing flight instead. Most golfers mistakenly think that a topped shot is caused by lifting their head, however it is mainly due to poor wrist action during the swing. By using the short Power Roller with an upright setting of the hoop, the wrists will regain their movement and the ball will fly higher, straighter and further.

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Will The Explanar help me hit different shape shots?

Yes. The founding ethos of The Explanar is to teach golfers how to hit shots properly first, safe in the knowledge that a sound golf swing will follow! The Explanar will teach you to control the trajectory of the ball as well as to intentionally shape your shots with fade and draw spin. The more advanced golfer will also be able to use The Explanar to hit high and low shots with fade and draw spin. 

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Does The Explanar work with a specific coaching method?

No. The Explanar is teacher neutral. Its inventor, Luther Blacklock, designed the The Explanar to suit all physiques, abilities and methods. Regardless of whether you follow the principles of Stack’n’Tilt, One Plane/Two Plane, Golfing Machine, Instinctive Golf, or Rotary Golf, The Explanar can be adjusted to create whatever movement or discipline you prefer.

Using The Explanar

When/Where can The Explanar be used?

The Explanar can be used alone or with a PGA professional, indoors or outdoors, at home or at a golf centre. You can therefore practice your golf swing in any weather. With only 10 minutes of practice needed a day to groove the feeling of a perfect golf swing, you could even be improving your swing after work.

Do I need specific training to use The Explanar?

The Explanar comes with an instructional DVD that will enable you to get started as soon as it is delivered. The Explanar is very easy to use on your own or with a friend or PGA professional.

Is The Explanar suitable for all golfers?

The Explanar can be used by all golfers, including amateurs, professionals, men, and women between 5ft (1.5m) and 6ft 7" (2m) in height. Its adaptability makes The Explanar a truly fantastic golf training system for all the family. We have also designed The Junior Explanar – a scaled down version of The Explanar. It is suitable for golfers aged 6 to 11, or for anybody under 5ft (1.5m) height.

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